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Let's do our part to keep excess waste out of the landfills.  We are pleased to offer you a jar/vessel refill program so you can keep your vessel and continue to use it over and over with the same scent or a new scent at a reduced cost.


♻️ How does it work? ♻️

1. When you are finished burning your candle, scrape out any unused wax; a spoon will do the trick.

2.Soak your jar in warm soapy water. Any dish detergent will work. Wash out your jar completely. Removing the metal wick base and adhesive sticker. Lids can be washed the same way.

**jars must be completely clean and free of any wax or sticky residue**

3. Place an order with your vessel size and candle scent. You may have your refilled candle shipped back to you or you may pick it up. 

4. Return your clean jars to us to refill. Please note the order number and full name in which the refill order is under. 

5. If you are having a dough bowl refilled, gently scrape the unused wax and remove the metal wick base and stickers. DO NOT SOAK THE DOUGH BOWL. Using a wet cloth or paper towel, wipe the dough bowl clean. Using caution to not get the bowl too wet. Air dry when done.

Refill costs are based on wax volume required to fill your vessel. Labelling and new wick(s) are icluded in this price.