Everyday Collection Wax Melts (12pc)

Everyday Collection Wax Melts (12pc)

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An alternative to lighting a candle, soy wax melts. Available in any of our popular everyday collection. Bags include 12 wax melt pods that work in any pluggable wax melt system.

Flannel & Woodsmoke - a blend of cherry tobacco, vanilla and cedar, our signature scent!

Welcome Home - notes of warm incense, Indonesian white copal and patchouli.  

Spiced Pear Cider - mulled pears with a blend of delicious, not over powering, spices.

London Fog - a perfect blend of Earl Grey tea and creamy vanilla.

Hello Sunshine - citrus tea with a drop of honey and ginger.

Pretty as a Peach - hand picked right off the tree, sweet peaches.

Wild Raspberry - sun ripened, juicy red raspberries.

Blue Lavender - Wild lavender with a hint of lime and mint.

Blueberry Muffin - warm vanilla muffins with fresh blueberries right out of the oven.

Cherrywood Garden - wildflowers, birch bark & tart cranberry.

Bay Leaf & Tobacco - zesty notes of citrus, white cedarwood and oakmoss. 

Amazing Grace - rose water, lily petals and fresh patchouli. 

Vanilla Bean - classic smooth vanilla. 

Granny Smith - a crisp new crop of granny smith apples, fresh from the tree.