8oz Modern Jar

8oz Modern Jar

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The Everyday Collection is a curated selection of all our best sellers that will be available for purchase year round.

Included in the everyday collection you will find the best of the best beginning with our signature scent! Flannel & Woodsmoke.

This modern 8oz jar burns for appx. 50 hours.

Flannel & Woodsmoke - a blend of cherry tobacco, vanilla and cedar, our signature scent!

Welcome Home - notes of warm incense, Indonesian white copal and patchouli.  

Spiced Pear Cider - mulled pears with a blend of delicious, not over powering, spices.

London Fog - a perfect blend of Earl Grey tea and creamy vanilla.

Hello Sunshine - citrus tea with a drop of honey and ginger.

Pretty as a Peach - hand picked right off the tree, sweet peaches.

Wild Raspberry - sun ripened, juicy red raspberries.

Blue Lavender - Wild lavender with a hint of lime and mint.

Blueberry Muffin - warm vanilla muffins with fresh blueberries right out of the oven.

Cherrywood Garden - wildflowers, birch bark & tart cranberry.

Bay Leaf & Tobacco - zesty notes of citrus, white cedarwood and oakmoss. 

Amazing Grace - rose water, lily petals and fresh patchouli. 

Vanilla Bean - classic smooth vanilla. 

Granny Smith - a crisp new crop of granny smith apples, fresh from the tree.